Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making progress

The boys are coming along in acceptance and preparedness for the arrival of their baby sister Abby Claire. Now, instead of saying that the nursery (which is now infused with pink) is his, Sloan says that it is his AND Abby's room. It's close to getting his foot out the door...
And just this morning on our way to school, Jackson suggested that we buy Abby a Dora the Explorer book because she would like it and we can all read it to her. Awww. Makes my heart smile :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


This is totally random, but in the morning, when the boys were watching cartoons, I like to look at their profiles and think about the way they look and the way they will look when they grow up. Every now and then, I really study their ears. There's something about our ears that amaze me and remind me how intricately we are created by God. The folds, the shape, the way they just stick out from our heads just so.

I don't know. This may seem weird, but ears give me pause in my day to day to remember who we are and who created us in His perfect image.