Thursday, October 25, 2012


Jackson refuses to wear any type of clothing other than athletic wear on any day except Sunday. On Sunday he will wear jeans for the three hours that are involved in getting ready for church, being at church, and coming home or eating lunch out after church. I used to fight the battle and try to get him to wear jeans or even khaki shorts to school. But I stopped. With 3 kids, I've got 3 wars going on and I choose my battles with each kiddo. But Wednesday he actually wore jeans, though! Because everyone had to for scarecrow pictures!! I'll take what I can get! Oh, and the pics turned out super cute. Here's a cellphone preview:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tooth crazy

Jackson has had his first loose tooth for the past two months. Looser and looser it would get, but he wouldn't pull it. He would let anyone and everyone wiggle it. And just FYI, it completely grossed and freaked me out at all the adults that would put their finger in his mouth to wiggle his tooth!! I had to lecture him and a few adult friends about germs and the general nastiness of this. I put an end to that. Blech. I still shudder when I think about the random dirty hands touching that tooth...

Anyway, this whole week, the tooth has been just barely hanging on. He's been eating like a dog gnawing a bone- with one side of his back teeth (it the front bottom tooth that was loose). Sunday we were at a friend's house and she tried and tried to pull it and even tried bribing him with froyo. We all spent about an hour in the bathroom convincing him to let one of us pull it to no avail. So last night, after hours of agony in trying to let him pull it or let him let me pull it, I finally got a grip on the sucker and yanked it out. (After letting him take some ibuprofen and convincing him it would not hurt) Well, not really yanked, more like plucked. It was so loose it didn't even deserve to be there. And what do you know, he agreed it didn't hurt.

Now, the tooth fairy is $3 poorer ( seriously, his buddy at school got $3 for a tooth and thus, has set the standard...which makes me think he needs friends with cheaper parents. I was thinking more like $1 was good- he does, after all have about 30 teeth o lose over his childhood, right??).

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Georgia aquarium

Last month, while we were in Atlanta for my brother's wedding, we visited the Georgia Aquarium, which is the world's largest aquarium. It was very impressive and worth it. They had a dolphin show that was like a dolphin show Disney World style- it was worth the price of admission alone. Don't have any pics of it because they weren't allowed, but if you ever go, it's a must see!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recliner update

So remember the recliner that the husband brought home a few weeks ago?? How I was supposed to Craigslist it?? Well, it has now been moved from my garage to our third car garage (aka my husband's garage). And he thinks he might keep it there. Picture it: kiddos are playing in the driveway, and I ask them where their daddy is. They reply: he's resting in the garage. Yep, sure enough, he's fully reclined in the third garage. There was even talk of installing a window unit AC.... Shudder...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Too early for Christmas?

So it's just now fall, but I'm already thinking about Christmas. Not that I am wishing for time to go quickly by-I absolutely love fall- it's probably my favorite season (all two weeks of it here in Texas), but I like to plan ahead. Even when it's just Christmas decor. I came upon an idea for the tree in Canadian House and home magazine. They suggested putting your tree in a basket instead of a tree skirt. What a good idea! I don't currently have a basket that is big enough but I do have a big galvanized tub that I may use!

Never too early to start planning!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

5k: check

Last Saturday I ran my first 5k! Woohoo! It poured rain the entire time, sometimes sideways. By the time I was finished, my clothes were so wet it felt like I'd jumped in a pool with everything on. But it was fun! The first mile was the hardest- it always is for me, then I start to feel like my body has accepted that it's running and starts to coast. In fact, when I finished, my husband started saying it would be cool if I ran in stuff like the Boston marathon. Whoa. What? That's my hubby: always dreaming bigger than I ever would dare, but my life would be less exciting and simply Less if it weren't for him. Maybe one day- far far down the road. Far.
The best moment of my 5k: at the end seeing my little family under their umbrellas cheering me on! (And Sloan in his bathrobe too).