Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

No looking back

The first day of kindergarten is over and done with. He was all smiles when he got in the car and told me all about what he did that day (which is pretty good for a kid that usually tells me one thing, if that, about his day). I asked if he wanted to go back the next day and he was adamant that he did. The boy has gone off to school and there's no looking back for him.

In fact, he asked if he could stay in the after school care that is for kids whose parents both work and can't pick them up until later. WHAT?! This kid does not get that it is a privilege to be able to have a stay at home mom. I told him he was lucky I get pick him up and he doesnt have to stay. I'm not sure he agreed, but I made him brownies for an after school snack to win him over to my side. I might have added that those kids dont get brownies and special after school snacks...

He might not be looking back, but he's going to feel me holding on to him, dragging behind him holding on for dear life. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of stupid kindergarten

Well, he's off. I survived. It was surprisingly anticlimactic. But things in life usually are when you spend so much time worrying about them, don't they? Besides, he was so excited it was nearly impossible to be sad. It was tough getting his lunch made this morning and I kept thinking, why do I have to send him away? Why is this hard? Stupid kindergarten for making me feel this way. Ok, kindergarten is not stupid, and I really believe he is at a great school. But it's still stupid. You know, how when you're in high school and you like boys, but think they're stupid at the same time (that also extends into the college years, come to think of it). But, the sad part of then morning was actually when Sloan thought he was going and had to leave. He even wore his own backpack to drop Jackson off.

So now Sloan, Abby, and I are left to our own devices.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last night, as I kissed Jackson to bed, I told him I'd miss him while he was at school. He said, "I know, but I'll see you on the 14th when we go to Georgia for Uncle Chris's wedding. A week or so ago he also said that once he started school, he wouldn't be able to go to church anymore because he'd have school. Apparently, he thinks schools 7 days a week and ALL day long and maybe some nights too.

I did the math and he's only gone one hour more than he was on his long days in preschool. But it's everyday! I get the feeling that when we go and do fun things while he's at school, it'll be like cheating on him. He's off working hard and learning (okay, it's kindergarten, it's not super hard, but still) and we are galavanting around town. I'm pretty sure most days he would choose school over hanging his lame mom and little brother and sister, if preschool was any indication last year.

I know I'm obsessing about this school thing, but I've realized that my coping mechanism for dealing with things that I can't control is to obsess and come up with every.possible.scenario.and.or.outcome. So far, I've imagined 3,457 scenariosnfor the first day of school. Only 789,837 to go.

A picture of three

Finally! I got a picture of all three that looks halfway decent, and by halfway decent, I mean one where all three are looking in the same direction.

Jackson looks SO old in this picture. It's like every trace of little boy grew out of him over the summer. Sloan has grown up so much too. He's a little boy now, not even toddler looking anymore.

At least I have my girl. She's still little. But not so little that it keeps people from acting surprised when I tell them she's 4 months.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A baby, summer, starting school

I'm not even going to give an excuse about the 4-5 months I haven't blogged. I'm just going to pick right back up where life is now. Which, life currently has me about to send my firstborn off to kindergarten. *teary eyes.

Tonight is meet the teacher. Wednesday is school. I feel like I'm not going to cry because I know he's going to run in and own the place. And those who know my son, know that I am not bragging, but that's just the best way I can describe his HUGE presence/personality. I did cry a week ago when I was nursing baby girl to sleep. I got to thinking about when I nursed my big boy when he was a baby and how he and I spent sweet time together up in Michigan during his first two years if life. Maybe it's harder because the husband was working long hours and would be out of town and we had no family nearby, which left just me and my little Jack to our own devices.

The first one is tough, but I'm thankful for my two other bitty Blackwells that are hone with me.

If my next post looks like this: cndjeqvpervrievnef: it's because I'm smearing off the tears falling on my keyboard.