Monday, March 25, 2013

Spice jars.

I've been busy pinteresting! And organizing! So much so that my husband is having flashbacks of when I was pregnant and in major nesting mode. He asked, "you're not pregnant are you??" Please. But here's my latest Pinterest project. I bought small mason jars at HEB and spray painted the inside lid with chalkboard paint and the outer rim with green paint (cause I love green). Then I labeled each with a chalk marker which wipes off with a damp cloth should I ever want to change it. For something like this it's better than normal old chalk bc it is a bit more durable.
I still need a few more jars so headed back to the store to grab another box of jars.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forever 21 déjà vu.

After today's episode in the store forever 21, I'm beginning to think that maybe God doesn't want me to shop there...

I took my two littles to the mall after my workout so I could buy some bubble bath for my husband (yes, he takes more bubble baths than I do) at Bath and Body Works. We accomplished this task, so I figured I'd check out some stores and on the way out, I decided to try my luck again at going inside Forever 21. Again. Now, you must read my previous post on my one and only other experience at this store if you have not already. It will provide some important background information and history. So, back today's trip: I tell myself I will just look around on the lower level of the store. I do, until Sloan walks up the four steps to the upper level. I can see some cute shirts up there, so I figured that since I had Abby in the umbrella stroller this time and not the ginormous double stroller, I could carry the stroller and Abby up the four steps. I was just about ready to grab onto the stroller when a man offered to show me the lift. I don't think this man actually worked at the store, but was more of a janitorial worker. Unless janitorial uniforms are in style now, which would add to the reasons why I am too old to be shopping in Forever 21.

Anyway, I tell this nice man that I couldn't figure the lift out last time so I would just haul the little umbrella stroller with my baby in it up the stairs. He insisted ever so politely that he would help me and that someone always has to help you because they made it so the someone on the upstairs part has to turn a key to help you go up. Oh. Now I see why I had issues last time...

So, I roll the stroller in the lift, get Sloan to squeeze in and I squeeze myself in to this 3 ft by 4 ft space. The man turns the key, we go up! But we stop one inch from being level with the upper floor. One inch! The lift won't open the door because it's not even. The man tries to make it work again, but it is frozen. It won't move. We are stuck. At this point, I guess Abby senses my growing panic because she starts to cry. So now I am stuck in this 3x4 cube with a crying baby in a stroller with my 3 year old. Awesome. At this point, sAles lady comes over (she probably heard the screaming baby and thought that it was not a cool, hip sound for her store) and tries to help. She tells me that the lift is "off balance" and asks me to walk around. Y'all- WALK AROUND. In a space that barely fits me, my stroller with my baby in it, and my little 3 year old child. But, I do as I'm told and shuffle around and squeeze around the cube. To no avail. At this point, I am aware that I now have negative cool points and can never be seen in this store again, but first I have to get out of the cube before I can never be seen in the store again!

Moving, the man who so thoughtfully tried to help me in the first place, says lets just lower it back down, which sounds like a great idea to me. I am so over looking at the clothes on the upper level by this point. But the sales lady says that it won't go down. It won't move until it is back in balance. What?? After a few more attempts at getting me ton"walk around" the cube, she comes up with the idea to lift Sloan out of the cube so it will be on balance. However, Sloan decides that he wants no part of this, so then HE start freaking out, along with his sister, who is still crying. I am desperate now. I lift him over kicking and screaming and HALLELUJAH the lift moves up the last inch! The lady opens the door, but Sloan is trying to reach in at me and won't move out of the way, so we can't open the door. It takes another minute to get him to understand through his tears and yelling that he needs to back up so mommy can get out.

Lord, we made it out! And left. Immediately.