Saturday, March 8, 2014

Knight party

In the year that I've not blogged, Sloan turned 4. He's totally into knights and dragons and fighting and everything else that is awesome, so we threw him a knight birthday party. It was so cute! I found lots of ideas on Pinterest, of course!
I made his cake and was pretty pleased with it. Sloan liked it but did not exactly think the gray was the correct gray. He's definitely picky...maybe, just maybe, a little like me....
For his bday, he got his very cool knight armor, here he is knighting his guests.  I made each guest their own tunic out of felt and cord. I just hot glued on a red felt cross. The ADORABLE party hats were found online. They were SO cute. The foam swords and shields were Target dollar section toys and were also their party favors. 

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