Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Green smoothies

So I've jumped on the green smoothie band wagon. And I have to say, it's a delicious band wagon at that! I found a few variations on Pinterest (God, thank you for Pinterest and the recipes it provides). I went with one that called for stuff that I usually have on hand.

-a handful of baby spinach
-a handful of frozen fruits (not berries-they turn the smoothie brown)
-a splash of OJ or apple juice (and just a splash)
-a splash of water
-and half a banana

Y'all, it is SO good. Sloan, my 3 year old, watched me make it the first day and tried it and loved it. Jackson, my 6 year old, even liked it. He is a little pickier with his veggies, and by picky, I mean he doesn't eat them, but he loved it too! He's had one every time I make them! Thankfully, he tried it and drank more than half of his cup before Sloan opened his big mouth and said there was "salad" in it. I tried to ignore him and encourage jackson to just drink it, but if you ignore Sloan, he just gets louder and more insistent until someone responds. So, I had to let the cat out of the bag and tell Jackson the spinach was in the smoothie. It bothered him a little, but he got over it and even helped make one this morning and put the spinach in it himself!!

Y'all, it tastes so good, that Jackson had to ask if it was an every day food (I.e. not a treat or dessert). Try it. And don't tell your kids what's in it before they try it!

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