Monday, January 21, 2013

I never...

I think this season of my life should be called "Never say never" or "see, I told you so" or "hypocrisy" because it seems almost daily that I find myself doing or saying something that I swore I'd never do or something that I saw others do and judged them and their choices.

Yesterday was a prime example. But let me start with a story a long while ago when Jesse and I were dating. He had an old Bronco that he took off roading and rock crawling. I went with him a few times and once there was this couple with their baby in their truck joining them on their off roading adventures. I ain't gonna lie. I judged them. Dumb rednecks, I thought. Who brings a baby to this stuff?

Well, fast forward to yesterday and I find myself bringing all my children to a friend's farm to shoot guns. Yes, even my 9 month old daughter. Awesome. Redneck baby.  But I did bring her proper ear protection so that she won't damage her ears until she's old enough to go to concerts and damage them on her own. I know some of you are judging me.  But I'm ok with it. C'est la vie.
(Notice how I just used a French saying to class myself up??? I'm sure I fall into the classy redneck category if there is any. You know, I do shop at Target more than Walmart...).

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